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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Middlerun Does America, Day 3

On Sunday I was pretty hung over, but nevertheless I ventured out into the blinding light and visited Golden Gate Park, a huge thousand-acre park on the west side of the city. This also meant figuring out how to use the Muni public transport network which consists mostly of buses, plus the cable cars and a few train lines which operate alongside the BART system. I wasn't really prepared for just how big the park was, and my plan to walk its length didn't quite come to fruition.

After walking through various leafy areas I found the conservatory of flowers. Flowers aren't really my thing so I bought a Pepsi at a nearby stand and continued on in search of the California Academy of Sciences, which also resides within the park. After some wandering I found it, and sat outside for a moment finishing my drink. While I sat outside I heard someone yelling. Someone had just stolen his bike. The thief rode away before anyone could do anything.

The California Academy of Sciences has all sorts of cool things such as an aquarium, a large simulated rainforest, a planetarium, a hall of taxidermied African animals with a colony of live penguins, and various other cool things. In the aquarium I was particularly impressed by the beautiful leafy seadragon. I got to the penguins just in time for the penguin feeding. After seeing most of the things I wanted to, I was starving and went to the cafe. I finally found out exactly what a quesadilla is by ordering one and attempting to consume it; unfortunately my hangover was still affecting me and I barely managed to eat half of it.

After eating what I could I left to wander the park some more. After miles of trees I found a path that would lead me back to the road. While wandering down it I found some squirrels. One in particular got pretty close and I took some good photos.



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