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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Frozen: Left me a bit cold

[Spoiler alert.]

I watched Frozen yesterday. It wasn't particularly on my radar, until someone posted on Facebook about how scary it was. Basically it's about some people who get stuck on a chairlift after a day of skiing and have to escape and avoid dying of hypothermia. It was pretty decent, but there were a few lame things and stuff that didn't make sense.

  1. Super formulaic foreshadowing. When I started watching it, I knew there would be a bit where they're on the chairlift, it stops momentarily, then starts again and everything is fine. And right on cue, there it was about five minutes in. I mentioned it on Twitter.
  2. Minor but obvious continuity error in one scene, where one of the characters' position keeps changing depending on the camera angle.
  3. One of the characters decides the best course of action is to jump off the chairlift, and subsequently severely breaks both his legs. Two things about that bugged me. None of them even considered until after he jumped that they might climb onto the chairlift cable and climb down the support tower. It seemed pretty obvious to me. The other thing is that he did nothing to reduce the impact of the fall. If I was going to drop from a chairlift I'd try to reduce the fall distance by dangling as low as I could off the bottom of the chair before letting go. His girlfriend had a scarf that he could have tied to the chair and used to lower himself even further. They had ski poles that he could have tied to the other end of the scarf for more length. Sure, the scarf might have ripped, but it's worth a try.
  4. When they finally did get the bright idea to climb up to the cable, the guy who climbed onto it didn't bother to lift his legs around the cable, and had to support his entire weight on his hands. Why? Admittedly, it might have something to do with the next point...
  5. For some reason the cable was really sharp, enough to cut through his gloves and into his hands. Why would a thick cable be sharp? Metal cables I've seen are never sharp. I think a chairlift cable would be pretty comfortable to hold.
  6. As he's climbing onto the cable, for no reason whatsoever the chair starts to come loose from the cable. I don't believe for a moment that climbing up a chairlift would cause any damage or loosen the part that connects it to the cable. This somehow causes the entire chair to hang lopsided for the remaining occupant, which doesn't make sense. It's still hanging from the same point - how could a loose fastener change the entire weight distribution of the chair?

Don't get me wrong, it was a fun movie, and nitpicking horror movies leads down the path to madness. But I couldn't help noticing these things, and they do detract from the movie to some extent.

Rating: 3 out of 5 dead skiers.