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Monday, May 25, 2009

Postie bike adventures

Now that I have my postie bike and my motorbike license, I've been riding around a lot. I'm lucky enough to live in a pretty quiet suburb, so there's plenty of streets around my house without much traffic where I can hoon around. There's one particular street which is pretty wide, with a dead-end, and a big hill I can do speed runs down. I've got the bike to about 85 km/h, which is about as fast as I particularly want to go.

I already posted some phone-camera photos, but they really don't do this beautiful machine justice. Here are some better photos of the bike in all its glory (click for bigger):

Postie bike in all its glory

Nice rack

Front view

Bad-ass heat guard
Here you can see the bad-ass heat cover that goes over the exhaust pipe and stops you from burning your leg. The heat cover is one of the reasons postie bikes look so awesome.

Attractive rear

Before I got the bike I spent a few weeks trying to think of a way I could get the bike into the backyard so I wouldn't have to always park outside and leave the bike prone to weather damage and vandalism. There are two gates, but only one of them has a clear path into the yard. Unfortunately it has a tendency to get jammed when it rains, but I'm only really going to ride the bike when it's dry anyway. Also to get into the main part of the yard there's a large step to navigate, which isn't very bike-friendly. What I ended up doing was building a ramp from pavers, which works well enough.


It's a little tricky to get the bike up it though. The postie bike is pretty light for a motorbike, but it's still 90-odd kilos which is a little too heavy to push up the ramp, so I have to keep the engine running as I manoeuvre the bike through the gate, then ride it up. At first I tried to ride it up slowly and carefully, but what I found was that if I have to accelerate when the back wheel is on the ramp it tears the ramp apart, leaving a mess of bricks like this:

Ramp destroyed

And then I have to put it back together. The trick is to aim the bike at the ramp, and then ride up in one swift movement. I've only done it a couple of times and it can be a little hairy but I guess I'll get used to it.

I rode the bike to uni today, the first time I've actually gone somewhere on it rather than ridden around aimlessly. It went pretty well, and being able to park on campus for free is a huge bonus. One thing I noticed while riding to uni and back is that the postie bike is a real head-turner. Maybe it's just because the engine sounds different to a car, but I think it's because people just like to see postie bikes. They're a pretty common sight all over Australia since they're a pretty major part of the postal system, but people just can't help looking. Everyone loves a postie bike.

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