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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Junior for bullshit job

I just came across this job ad on I can only describe it as epic fail.

Bullshit job ad

How is this ad dumb? Let me count the ways:
  1. They say they require someone with a "Good Command of Both Writer & Spoken English". To be fair, they obviously do need someone like that; the person they got to write this ad not only thinks that "Writer & Spoken English" is a valid phrase, they for some reason think that it is acceptable to capitalise the first letter of every word.
  2. They claim to have opening hours of 12AM to 4AM. Unless this "Contemporary Workspace" is a brothel, these are pretty weird business hours. I'm sure as hell not going to the CBD at midnight to hand in a résumé.
  3. No email? What decade to these clowns think this is? I don't know what they think "contemporary" means, but I'm pretty sure a contemporary workspace would have basic email capability.
  4. I didn't bother including this in the screencap, but the location is listed as "Sydney - North". York St. is in the CBD, not North Sydney.
  5. Not only do they not say what the job is in the headline (a pretty stupid thing in itself), they don't say what the job is in the entire ad. They don't even mention what the company does. In my experience any job ad that is evasive about the nature of the job is at best dodgy, and at worst a blatant scam.
I've never really understood terms like "dream job". I just dream about weird crap - unless I find a way to get paid to fight killer rats on the roof of my primary school, or steal Fabergé eggs, I don't think I'll ever have a dream job. And that suits me fine. I can only hope that I never have to have anything to do with these idiots.

UPDATE (16/5/11): The company who posted the ad have threatened to sue me for the "unfounded" and "defamatory" comments posted here. As much as I hate to yield to bully tactics, I would hate getting sued even more. I've removed their name and disabled comments on this post.