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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 10 Awesome Things of 2008

This wouldn't be a proper blog without at least one top ten list. So here is the top ten awesome things that happened this year:

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog released. Three-act musical webshow makes the world laugh and sing.

I get a helix piercing. It is pretty awesome.

Several cool people announce video projects. Tucker Max is making a movie, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (based on his hilarious book of the same name), and blogging the whole production process. Maddox is making a show, and so is Dresden Codak.

World of Goo released. Physics-based game from indie developer 2D Boy takes the world by storm, rockets to #2 place on Amazon after World of Warcraft. I formulate plans to make a game called World of [something].

SGU announce Australia trip. In episeode 175, the cast of my favourite podcast, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, announce that they are coming to Australia in 2010.

I reach halfway point for my degree. Two years of uni down, two to go.

Phoenix lands on Mars. On May 25, NASA's Phoenix craft successfully lands on the red planet where it confirms the presence of ice and entertains us all with Twitter.

Large Hadron Collider completed. On September 10, the first beam is circulated through the biggest particle accelerator ever made. On October 21 the LHC is officially inaugurated.

Barack Obama elected US president. An intelligent, savvy and uncorrupt guy is chosen by a landslide to take the reigns from a bumbling idiot. Unfortunately for Isaac Asimov, he is not selected by a computer.

Petrol prices drop to five year low. Motorists everywhere rejoice.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Middlerun's Annual Holiday Message 2008

Have a copasetic Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, a fantastic Festivus, a kapital Kwanzaa, a brilliant Boxing Day, a stupendous Summer Solstice (or a wonderful Winter Solstice), a "yippee"-inducing Yule, a hearty Hogmanay, an impeccable Imbolc, a magnificent Modranicht, a super Saturnalia, and a nice New Year.

Oh, and a lovely Life Day.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Piercing adventures

For the last month or two I've been thinking about getting a helix piercing. It's not the sort of thing I would usually do, but I think they're pretty cool. Lobe piercing has been done to death, and some piercings I won't mention here are just weird, but helix piercings are in the good position of being not too common but not as hard to look after as, say, a lip piercing (which I also briefly considered).

When I had exams on I decided to go do it after I'd finished all my exams. I ended up not doing it for a while because I couldn't really spare the money, but a couple of days ago I finally decided to just do it, and yesterday I went and got it done. I went to Polymorph in Newtown, and in a stoke of good timing I checked their website the night before and they had a voucher on the site for $10 piercings. So that saved a bit of money.

The whole thing was pretty quick and simple. I was in and out in about twenty minutes. The needle hurt a bit going in but no more than the needle they stick in your arm when you give blood. I was kind of expecting it to hurt for a while afterward but by the time I left it didn't even feel like anything.

Here's a photo. It's a bit blurry but I guess that's the best my laptop's webcam can do.

My new piercing

In other news: My new cartoon is coming along. There's still a lot to do, so it'll be at least another couple of weeks if not more. Hang in there.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday TV

Here's a TV listing for next Monday night, generated from shows I watch:

Holiday TV

Nothing good on during the Christmas holidays? Ha!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Control room

Here's a sneak preview of something I'm working on. It probably won't be ready for a while (weeks, maybe months) because there's a lot to do. But it's going to be awesome when it's finished.

Clicky for full size.
The control room


Monday, December 08, 2008


Back in 2006 I had a job I wasn't particularly fond of, to put it mildly. I also had a tendency to drink lots of beer with friends on work nights. I started work at 8 am, which meant getting up early, and I used my phone as an alarm. To make it even worse it was often freezing cold in the morning.

The upshot of this was that I developed a powerful emotional association with my phone's default alarm tone. It's pretty obnoxious to begin with, but after a while every time I heard it I was brought back to that awful feeling of waking up sleep deprived and hung over, braving the cold to catch a bus (or, later, drive) to my shitty job so I could spend the day either with nothing to do but sweep filthy floors, or madly cleaning cars with not enough time to do it properly and then getting chewed out for not doing it properly.

The good news is that the effect has finally more or less worn off. On the scale of things I don't like, the unpleasantness of hearing the alarm tone has finally pretty much dropped below the small effort required to change the tone when I set the alarm.

Another small victory.


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bumper stickers

In case you are utterly unaware of this fact, I have an awesome meta-bumper sticker on my car. In an act of hilarious irony I placed it not on my bumper but in the corner of my rear window. Anyway, the other day I was driving home from some wacky adventure or something, when I noticed that the car in front of me had the very same sticker. This is a pretty unlikely occurrence since you can only get these stickers from the Wondermark store, so it was pretty cool. I wanted to overtake the other guy so he would see that I had the same sticker so his mind would be equally blown but then I had to turn off the road and he kept going. Oh well, his loss.

What else has been going on in the endless sequence of zany events I call my life? The other day I decided I should get my hands on some Altoids, and then yesterday I did. It was good times. Also I bought a DVD of The Plank. Some day I'm going to make a quantum physics-based slapstick comedy and call it The Planck.