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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Triplane Turmoil II

The original Triplane Turmoil game has brought many hours of fun into my life. I used to play it obsessively, trying again and again to finish the fiendishly difficult but fun missions. Sometimes after school some friends would come around and we'd play multiplayer, with four of us crowded around the keyboard. It was good times. Especially when we contributed our own sound effects, sitting around the keyboard yelling "ratatatatat!!" and "eeeerrrrrrwwww BOOOOM!!!"

So imagine my happiness when I discovered a week ago that there was a sequel, Triplane Turmoil II, and my surprise that it has been out since 2006. I bought it, and after four days my PayPal payment cleared and I downloaded the game. Unfortunately as soon as I had downloaded it I had to go to work, but then I quit my job so I could go home and play Triplane. (Just kidding - I quit my job because my bosses were total arseholes.)

I've played some of the missions, and they're pretty cool. They're really hard, but that just means it'll be longer before I finish the game, which means more fun for me. The graphics are nice - they're in 3D even though the gameplay takes place in 2D. The controls are improved too - the turning controls flip around when the plane does, which is much more intuitive. The infantry (or "tyke men" as they somehow became known to me and my friends) play more of a role now than in the first game, and are much harder to kill. They tend to stray out of the z-axis of the plane, so you can't usually hit them with machine guns, you need to bomb them. I like the humour in the game, with mission names like "Operation S.T.F.U" (Silence The Felony Usurper) and "Das Boot" (in which you have to destroy a boot factory).

There are now six countries in the game - the first game had Germany, England, Japan and Finland, and the new one adds Russia and America. There is going to be a TCP/IP multiplayer mode sometime soon, it will be implemented with a patch hopefully this year. There's also an online ladder where players are ranked. I'm the first (and currently the only) Australian player on there.

The only criticism I have is that it takes forever for the ground crew to get your plane back into the hangar when you land, which is boring and leaves you vulnerable. Also there are a few cosmetic imperfections like the walk animations for the tyke men looking a bit weird, and the plane engine noise sometimes disappearing which is a bit spooky. Otherwise, the game is totally awesome.

It's cheap, too: US$24.95. At current exchange rates that's about A$27. And it's only another US$5 for a boxed version (as well as download), including shipping. Nice.

Triplane Turmoil II



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