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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The turd that wouldn't flush is finally gone

He's gone! Having lived just over half my life with John Howard as the prime minister it sure is hard to get my head around the idea that his reign of terror is over. I just hope he loses his seat as well. Last time I checked Maxine McKew was ahead by about 0.8% so the postal votes could still swing it, but I don't think they will. So now Rudd's the PM, which is fine by me. He may be a bit boring and not exactly going to revolutionise the country, but any politician who got kicked out of a strip club is a good bloke as far as I'm concerned.

Things have been pretty good in the last few days. I finished my exams on Thursday, which went pretty well for the most part. I'll probably get mostly passes but I reckon I'll get the old high distinction for Computing 1. For all the assignments I got full marks, including two bonus marks for the one that had two bonus marks available. The exams gave me no troubles, except that I forgot I'd brought my bag to the exam and went home without it. There wasn't anything valuable inside so I wasn't too worried but I didn't want to have to buy a new bag. But I got it back in the end, from the exam lost property place.

It's awesome to finally have time to do stuff. My to-do list is long and mostly computer-related, and now I am happily ploughing my way through it. First on the agenda was to sink my teeth into the new Matthew Reilly book. Going well so far. Next was to buy and read the new Scott Pilgrim book. Done.

I'll pause my recount of to-do list adventures to tell you about the magic that is the Scott Pilgrim series. This is basically the series that got me into print comics. I remember Ryan North linking to a scan of a short Scott Pilgrim tale that was done for Free Comic Book Day last year. I loved how the author (Bryan Lee O'Malley) mixed real life and video game logic, so I got the first three books on Amazon and zoomed through them in about a day. I re-read them recently, knowing that the fourth was due, and it was just as good as the first time. My expectations for the new volume were high, and it effortlessly lived up to them. Among the many reasons why this series is great is the art style. Some have called it amateurish, but I find it really effective for setting the right mood and I don't care what anyone says, it looks good. I find I can connect with a comic more if the art isn't too overtly skilful anyway. The characters are great, especially Scott. I see a lot of myself in Scott Pilgrim. I just hope they do the movie right. The signs aren't good to be honest: they're packing all six volumes (two of which have yet to be written) into a single movie, and also it's live action. They're going to need a miracle to find the right actors.

Anyway, back to out scheduled programming. Next on my list was to sort out how to connect my computer and Dad's computer to the interwebs at the same time. I've been meaning to sort this out for a while, not really knowing what to do. Finally discovering that all I needed was a $40 Ethernet switch. So that was very easy, which is rare when it comes to Problems.

Next task: to sort out my laptop which has been crying out for a reformat for ages. Something has recently gone seriously wrong with the Windows installation, making it all but unusable, so I decided to install Ubuntu on it. Using Ubuntu on my desktop has been a pure pleasure so far, so endowing my laptop with this king of operating systems seems the obvious route for my mental wellbeing. But before doing that I set up a dual-boot system on my desktop so that I would have Windows available on the off chance I needed it for something. I tried installing Windows on the hard drive I got the other day but that didn't work for some reason, so I set up an NTFS partition on my main hard drive and it all went smoothly from there. I guess I'll just use the other drive for storage. Not that I'll really need it.

Next I'm going to clean my keyboard.

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