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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Maths exam and a keyboard

I had my maths exam today. I'm pretty sure I won. I aced most of the algebra questions, in fact I pwned them in the face. They didn't know what hit them. There was one question I didn't know how to do at first, where I had to prove that a set of mutually perpendicular vectors was linearly independent. I left it for later, and then when I came back to it I thought about it for a bit and then realised what I needed to do. I busted out some algebra-fu and laid the smack down with a vector cross-multiplication. It was like that fighting game where the voice says "FINISH HIM" and then you bust out a finishing move, or just keep pressing the punch button so your opponent never had a chance to fight back and then he dies. Was that Tekken? I think it was Tekken.

Calculus gave me more trouble, but I figured most of it out. I never quite figured out Maclaurin series or second-order differential equations, but apart from that it wasn't too bad.

Anyway, exams come and go, but a Model M keyboard lasts forever. And that's what I bought on eBay last week. It arrived yesterday, and already I don't think I could ever go back to the spongy piece of shit I was using before. I feel cheated that I have used inferior keyboards for so long. This thing is so nice to type on. All I want to do now is type.

Here's a photo:

It's true what they say: these things are built like brick shithouses. It just feels so damn solid, like you could cut down a tree with it and then use it to type your doctoral thesis on the use of computer hardware as logging equipment. (Web logging, that is.) It weighs a ton and is made of some kind of plastic that gives an aura of quality and indestructibility. And, most importantly, it sounds great.

All is not perfect however. The eBay seller unscrupulously neglected to mention that the N key cap is missing. (EDIT: It turned out it just fell off when he was taking a photo of the keyboard. He sent me the keycap after he realised.) I was going to buy a replacement from, but the postage for one single key cap is about US$22, which is more than I'm willing to pay to solve a problem that is really only cosmetic. Also the thing's pretty dirty (it probably hasn't been washed once in its 17 years), so I'll have to give it a good clean some time. Another problem is that it takes up more desktop real estate than my old one so I've had to push back the phone book my monitor sits on and have the base of the big-ass CRT monitor hanging over the keyboard slightly. But I don't care. For I now possess the One True Keyboard.



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