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Monday, November 19, 2007

Free Shit Day!

It's council clean-up time 'round these parts, so today I figured I might as well go for a wander around the neighbourhood and see if there was anything cool anyone had thrown out. My main target was computer stuff, since people often throw out computers that they think are useless even though they actually have useful components still in them. I was also vainly hoping I could spot a Model M around somewhere. (One is not enough!)

I started wandering around, going up and down the streets inspecting each pile of junk. I didn't find much and eventually I got sick of walking and went back to get my car. I drove around looking for cool stuff for a while, more to see where there was lots of stuff than to spot specific things. I noticed one street with heaps of stuff so I drove back home to proceed on foot. It turned out there wasn't anything good there, but eventually after lots more walking I found a monitor with a decent power cable, which I pinched. Eventually I started to head back home and on the way I found a computer a guy was chucking out. He told me some of the hardware was still good, including a DVD drive, a 256 MB SD-RAM stick and, best of all, an 80 GB hard drive. There's a few other odds and ends including a WiFi card which might be handy. I also found a small subwoofer which I'm going to hook up to my computer speakers if I can get it to work.

I haven't tested all the hardware yet but I did hook up the hard drive. Turns out the guy didn't format it so it has heaps of cool stuff on it: MP3s, episodes of shows (mainly Futurama and South Park but a bit of Monty Python, the Simpsons, Red Dwarf and others) and movies (some cool ones like Mallrats, Spaceballs, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail). There's also some personal stuff like photos and bank statements. People really should learn to format their hard drives.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Middlerun
If you have any friends who live on the North Shore, particularly Mosman, find out when their throwout days are
- people around there throw out even better junk.
Tip: take a trailer.

10:39 pm  

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