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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My day

So pretty much here's what happened to me today: First I got up at 6 am (no, that's not a typo) to get to uni by 8 am for a thing where I made a photovoltaic cell on the roof of the electrical engineering building. It's for one of my subjects, Sustainable Energy. This week is Engineering Week, where basically first year engineering students do random stuff like that instead of having classes. It's cool, except when you spend over three hours on a roof in the unseasonably hot sun doing something that is only just interesting enough to justify the early start and profuse sweating. (It was compulsory.)

Next I had nothing to do for two hours so I went to the Unibar and had a stein of New. There's a promotion for the Oktoberfest thing that's happening at the Roundhouse, where you pay eight bucks and get a stein (which you can keep) filled with half a litre of Tooheys New. Which would be awesome, if New was any good (Tooheys Old is of course far superior). As I was finishing the beer they started doing bingo in the Unibar (obviously mistaking the uni for an old people's home) so I left, went to a computer lab and, out of boredom, started experimenting with the random() function in C. Remember, kids: You need to include the stdlib.h library.

Then I went to another Engineering Week thing, an elec-eng presentation where they demonstrated how GPS works and then we got to ride a Segway. I've ridden a Segway before, but I reckon you'd have to ride one for several hundred hours before the novelty wore off - it is just awesome. If you've never ridden a Segway, go to your nearest Segway dealership and test drive one. (I don't know if there are actually any Segway dealerships. If not, write to your local MP and demand one - not that he could likely do anything about it, but it would be hilarious if politicians started getting bombarded with emails about this.)

So then on the drive home, I noticed a dashboard light had come on which said "RR DEF". I started getting anxious about it because for all I knew it was some serious problem with the car, and having car troubles is the pits (no pun intended), so after I got home I showed it to the mechanic who works two doors down from my house. He looked at it and told me it meant the rear de-mister was on. It was the best news I'd heard in weeks.

Then I get home, and guess what? It turns out the periodic comet Encke has had its tail knocked off by a Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun! Sucked in Encke, you had it coming.



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