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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Radio is officially crap now, because I said it is

Is it just me or is the radio getting more painful to listen to? There's not much to choose from. Pretty much all AM radio is for old people, and most of everything else is for bogans and wannabe gangstas.

When I'm listening to the radio I usually flip between three stations, Triple J, Triple M and FBI. Now even these are getting shit. Well OK, Triple M always was shit, but after I heard a few Pink Floyd tracks on it I started listening. Now I listen to Wil and Lehmo at 4pm but there's masses of ads and promos and other assorted bullshit. They blather on about how they play "the old stuff AND the new stuff, OMG" but they always seem to play the worst of each.

Triple J has some good music but they play too much hip-hop and crap like that. They seem to want to play all music that's popular with the young'uns, without realising that playing such a wide range of music will make the station incoherent and unlistenable. FBI has some good music, indie cred and no ads but they too play well above the maximum amount of shit-hop (hint: the maximum amount of hip-hop is zero).

And don't get me started about Nova. In my old job they had Nova on constantly, and it is the single worst station in the history of radio. Anyone who listens to Nova is either a bogan or mentally defective (oh wait - same thing). In between horrible, awful, retch-inducing teeny-bopper music and ads about "nasal delivery technology" to increase sexual performance (which says a lot about their audience) they go ON AND ON AND ON about how they have "never more than two ads in a row", which effectively cancels out all the benefits of having less ads in the first place. By the time I left (escaped) my job, I was ready to go over to the Nova studios and shove never less than two chairs up their arses.

Luckily my stereo has a direct input so I can plug in my MP3 player and listen to some good music. If I had to listen to the radio more than a few times a week I would lose all faith in music.



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