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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back to uni

I'm back at uni now. I got my results back from last semester - two distinctions, one credit and one pass. So I'm pretty happy about that. I'm still doing physics and maths this semester, and now I'm doing computing and renewable energy. Renewable energy seems like it'll be a bit of a bludge, which is fine by me. The first tute was just a screening of An Inconvenient Truth, which was ironically quite convenient for me because I already saw it a couple of weeks ago so I could skip it and have pretty much the whole day off.

In computing we're learning C which is cool. It's good to be programming again. I used to be into Qbasic but Qbasic is pretty lame so it's nice to bee learning something a bit cooler. Speaking of computers, I got a new monitor the other day. It's CRT, but it's bigger and higher-resolution than my old one. On the negative side of things, my new RAM still hasn't showed up so my computer's running about as smoothly as the Challenger Shuttle. Once the RAM shows up it'll be a beast but until then I'm rapidly going insane. I've taken to just using my laptop whenever I want to use more than about three Firefox tabs.

Being back at uni's cool though. Unlike last semester, I've got no classes on Tuesday at one o'clock so I can go to trivia which is a bit of fun. Not that I'm any good at it. When I was at the Unibar for trivia there was a Tooheys promotion where if you buy a Tooheys you get a scratch card to win a "Tooheys cube" and I won on the first go.

I also went to a filmsoc screening on Tuesday, where they were showing American Graffiti. It's pretty weird seeing something like that and knowing it was made by George Lucas. How did he go from making cool movies like that to the train wrecks that he passes of as Star Wars prequels?

Then there was a party on Thursday and I totally forgot to go! So that sucked. There's another one this Thursday but it probably won't be as good. Then again, maybe it will. The lucky thing is that I only have one class on Fridays this semester so I can just crash at a friend's place after uni parties (which always seem to be on Thursdays) and then I can just rock up the the physics lab the next day.

Oh yeah, I saw the Simpsons Movie today. It was awesome. I was worried that it would be disappointing but they really nailed it. Funny all the way through. It's also kind of sad in some parts but it all turns out OK in the end (of course).

Check this out. I thought it was some kind of horrible rash, but it turned out to be a picture of the galaxy Centaurus A.



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