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Friday, May 18, 2007

Samsung arrested the development of my phone

OK I am going to talk about my mobile phone, because I KNOW YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT MY MOBILE PHONE YOU GUYS. It's one of those clamshell type ones. When it's folded up you can't press the buttons, so it doesn't have a keypad lock. BUT there is a button on the side to activate the camera, which can still be pressed when the phone is closed. So every couple of weeks I find two or three pocket photos, when the camera button has been accidentally pressed in my pocket and I get pictures of blackness (and occasionally a bit of light depending on how the phone was oriented). So yesterday I checked my photos for some reason and found 163 pocket photos.

Samsung, you are all morons. If you are designing a phone with a camera, one of the design objectives should be to make sure it doesn't take hundreds of photos of nothing inside the user's pocket. Some more free advice: in this day and age it should be a standard feature that a phone can ring and vibrate at the same time. When I'm in a slightly noisy environment I can't hear the damn thing ringing, so I have to put it on silent so I can feel it vibrate. But I like to be able to hear it ring as well as be sure I know it's ringing even if I can't hear it. My ringtone is The Final Countdown. It's awesome. Samsung, get a clue.

I finally finished watching the last season of Arrested Development last weekend. It's the best show ever made, pretty much. How is it that this fucking brilliant, hilarious show which should be an example for comedy writers everywhere gets axed after three seasons while the festering drivel that is Big Brother is invading our screens for yet another drawn out season? TV viewing public, get a clue.

Also you need to hear the new Battles album Mirrored. It sounds like nothing else before.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope none of the photos showed you playing pocket billiards!

6:43 pm  

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